(1) Mission Statement

Kaohsiung City Government to promote major investment cases the main purpose of the group was established to examine cases of significant investments to enhance efficiency, play to the Board at the coordination function, excluding investment barriers, and to regulate the composition and functioning of the group, the special on January 4, 2013 set "Kaohsiung City Government to promote major investment cases group set points "at the 10 Bureau of the House economic Development Bureau, urban Development Bureau, environmental Protection Bureau, the Works Bureau, fire stations and other factions representatives to oversee the city's major investment cases, the track , pre-trial, counseling and coordination, shorten time administrative review process.

Group members promote major investment cases

(2) Mode of operation

a. Group to promote major investment cases:
(a) Inform the review of the required documentation, in addition to the requirements of the agency units (eg architects) presence, the proposal also requires the industry to be simultaneously present understanding.
(b) Clearly inform the Kaohsiung City Government efforts to assist the industry position of the law, but the statute does not allow the gray zone assistance
(c) Follow the investment of the process provided by the industry, according to the requirements of the process industry completed on schedule.
b. Working Group meeting: to clarify the authority and work items, find the shortest path, parallel and thus be able to inform the program, with professional
c. Supervision will be reported:
(a) Tube cases progress report.
(b) Disagreement decide important policy decisions for each unit, Caishi

Consideration of the cases of major investment level diagram

Review of major investment cases flowchart