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Main Industrial Introduce

    Date:2023-04-20       Data source:招商處       

    Information, Communication, and Technology (ICT) Industries

    Kaohsiung enjoys a strong support system for the ICT industries, with science parks, software technology parks, export processing zones and industrial parks all within the city limits. Also, with both air and sea links, Kaohsiung developed a world-leading position and industrial clusters for the development of diverse ICT industries such as semiconductor testing & packaging services.

    Comprehensive ICT component industries have formed an important settlement for developing Taiwan’s flat panel display and IC manufacturing industries. For example, the world’s largest testing and packaging company Advanced Semiconductor Engineering Inc. is headquartered in Kaohsiung. Other world leading companies of advanced printed circuit board, flexible printed circuit board, and passive component industries are also settled in Kaohsiung. In sync with global green energy development trend, the solar energy, high efficiency smart electric motor and electric vehicle component, and battery module industries are also enjoying robust growth in Kaohsiung.

    Location: Nanzi export processing zone, Kaohsiung export processing zone, Ling-Kuang export processing zone, Gangshan district, Kaohsiung science park, Kaohsiung software Technology Park

    Representative Companies: Advanced Semiconductor Engineering,Inc, Radiant Opto-Electronics Corporation, NXP Semiconductors Taiwan Ltd, Orient Semiconductor Electronics, Ltd