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Main Industrial Introduce

    Date:2019-10-04       Data source:招商處       


    In recent years, Kaohsiung has identified the “culture and creative industry” as a key growth industry. The government has invested resources in developing culture and creative businesses such as movies, TV, pop music, digital content, visual communication, etc. The Pier-2 Art Center was revitalized to improve the usage of the unoccupied spaces, and incentives were provided to film production companies to increase competitiveness.

    The atmosphere of culture and creative activity in Pier-2 Art Center, entrepreneurship of DAKUO Digital Art Kaohsiung and Kaohsiung Software Technology Park combine to spark an attractive core for industrial development. A wide variety of animation companies, 2D to 3D conversion companies, visual arts, gaming companies, music streaming companies, motion sensing theater companies all have invested in building operations in Kaohsiung, developing this area into a unique "digital content" industrial cluster.

    Kaohsiung City Government also expanded the scope of its investment incentives and provides assistance with talent recruitment, cooperation of industries and academia and setting up a platform for comprehensive talent matching support. Location: Kaohsiung software Technology ParkPier-2 Art CentreDAKUO Digital Art Kaohsiung

    Representative Companies: Soft-World International CorporationKKBoxBrogent Technologies Inc. CGCG Inc.