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Main Industrial Introduce

    Date:2023-04-20       Data source:招商處       

    International Logistics Industry

    The dual (sea and air) ports and the comprehensive transportation systems around them offer strong advantages for developing international logistics industries. In addition to preferential tax benefits, Kaohsiung’s free trade zone offers better integration. The opening the warehouses to private operations and providing automatic access control systems have increased efficiency, reduced cargo in port time and operating cost.

    Kaohsiung is also selected as a demonstration area for the "Free Economic Pilot Zone" in Taiwan, opening further links to the world. Using the concepts of “beyond customs, but within the country” and "shop onsite, factory offsite" outsourced manufacturing, the port area and the peripheral areas can be integrated with e-commerce and logistics services to achieve intelligent logistics. Innovative customs mechanisms and cloud-based e-services provide businesses with greater added values through the free flow of goods and develop Kaohsiung into a distribution center for the global markets.

    In June 2013, Kaohsiung became the 9th delivery port in Asia listed by the LME (London Metal Exchange) and established storage and transshipment capabilities for international non-ferrous metals in the Kaohsiung free trade zone. Kaohsiung also effectively links the major ports of mainland China to become a key link in the supply chain. Kaohsiung actively and continuously promotes itself as an international warehousing and transshipment hub in the Asia Pacific region. Location: CP Logistics, Inc, Kaohsiung air cargo park, Kaohsiung free trade zone, Nansing free trade port zone, Kaohsiung optimal mega container terminal Representative Companies: Yes Logistics Corporation, J.SHINE Internation Lodistics Co., Ltd, Kaochun Stevedoring Co., Ltd, Prosperco Logistics Int'l Corporation