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Environment Overview

    Date:2019-10-04       Data source:招商處       

    Kaohsiung, located on the pivot point of one of the major sea-air transportation routes in the Asia Pacific region, is fully developed with an international airport and a world class seaport. The preferred geographical location, plus high performance facilities and personnel, enables worldwide transportation with high efficiency. The Port of Kaohsiung has been servicing the world as a key transshipment hub for inter-continental and regional lines, linking the world's major cities to the global manufacturing centers, including China, Vietnam, and Thailand and the major regional ports, like Tokyo, Shanghai, Manila, Hong Kong, and Singapore. The average sailing time from Kaohsiung to these port cities is 53 hours. For air transport, Kaohsiung International Airport is fast growing. With an average flight time of only 2.9 hours to major Asian cities, Kaohsiung offers the shortest transport time and lower transportation costs in Asia over both air and sea. Kaohsiung’s advantages in both sea and air transportation effectively turns the city into a center of global production resources and a springboard for ventures into the global market.