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Environment Overview

    Date:2019-10-04       Data source:招商處       

    The Kaohsiung City Government continuously monitors the city's status on the four key factors that influence investment decisions and set up the Investor Relations Office with a one-stop investor service window.


    The Major Investment Taskforce is formed by representatives from the major decision-making authorities. The deputy mayor and the Director of Economic Development convene taskforce and supervision meetings on a regular basis to assess investment proposals and confirm the procedures. Once the procedures are confirmed, cases are delivered into a fast-tracked pipeline all the way through from application to actual project implementation.


    The Kaohsiung City Investment Information Database categorizes the various industrial parks based on availability and the nature of the industries for allocation of needed spaces. The city has also been accelerating the development of new industrial parks to accommodate investment in new industries.

    Human Resources

    Kaohsiung launched a "Migrate to Kaohsiung" incentive program to encourage the migration of skilled workers needed for industrial development in Kaohsiung. The incubation program offers hands-on training to prepare the local workforce for immediate employment. The human resource information platform offers matching services at a greater depth and breadth.


    Kaohsiung gives its full support to the development of emerging industries. The incentive programs focuses on subsidies for hiring new workers and corporate development of high competitiveness through R&D. Additional incentives have been added to the R&D programs approved by the central government, and several local programs have been launched to encourage small business innovation research.